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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Effective Date: February 1, 2016
ATM Transactions (4 free per month) $2.00 (All transactions at CO-OP Network Machines are free)
ATM Inquiry Fee $1.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $8.00
ATM/Debit Card PIN Replacement $3.00
ATM/Debit Card Re-open $8.00
ATM Surcharge (non-member) $3.00
Check Copy (free on NetBranch) $5.00 each
Dormant Account (after 24 months) $4.00 per month
NSF Item $30.00
Overdraft Privilege (per item) $30.00
Overdrawn ATM/Debit Card
(Per transaction)
Returned Deposit Item $10.00
Returned Deposit Item Drawn on Self $50.00
Reopen Membership/Multiple Account $25.00
Stop Payment $30.00
Teller Transaction $3.00
Cashier Check $5.00 each
Certified Check $5.00 each
Cashier Check Reprocessing Fee (check cannot be reissued until 90 days) $25.00
Money Orders $3.00 each
VISA Gift Cards $3.50
Outgoing wire (domestic) $15.00
Account History (free on NetBranch) $2.00 per page
Do Not Mail Statement $5.00 (per statement)
Returned Mail Fee $3.00
Escheat Account $25.00
Levy/Garnishment Handling $50.00
Research Fee (per hour- 1 hour min.) $25.00
Skip-A-Payment/Extension $35.00
Statement Copy $3.00 per month
Verification of Deposit $5.00
Notary Service (non-member) $10.00
Paper Statement $1.00 per statement
Account Close Fee (within 12 months of opening) $25.00