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It's your life... are you ready?

It's an important time in your life right now and you may be thinking about making some big decisions. You could be looking at buying your first car, deciding if you are going to go to college, or maybe contemplating moving into a place of your own. UCFCU has resources to help you be informed about the decisions you are making.  

guy sitting on booksMaybe you are thinking about what you are going to do after high school. You are going to have to set a budget in order to see what you can afford to do. Click below to see a sample budget and you can set one up for yourself.

Sample Budget

 For more information on budgeting, savings and checking accounts and much more, click here.

CheckRight is a web-based checking account management education module designed to teach you how to manage a checking account. Use CheckRight if  you are looking to open a checking account for the first time
Among other things, CheckRight will help you learn how to:
  • open an account
  • write checks
  • make deposits
  • maintain a check register
  • reconcile an account
  • create a spending plan
CheckRight is a self-study program that allows you to learn at your own pace.  Once you have read through the chapters, you will be directed to a quiz that will test your knowledge on checking accounts.  You will be able to view the results and you have the option to send the results to the credit union via e-mail.
checkright logo

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Theodore "Ted" Hancox Scholarship

UCFCU is proud to offer a $500 scholarship to one of our young investors. For information on how to qualify and apply, click here.


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